Video Examples
Open your book to the example, and follow along:
Videos - "How To Read Drum Music" Examples

You will need the written music from your book to follow each video.

  1. Do the book in order.
  2. Thoroughly read the example.
  3. Set up a practice pad.
  4. Watch the video, either play along, or do the exercise yourself, and
  5. Count the notes out loud.

    START HERE    INTRODUCTORY VIDEO - watch this first!                          

    BONUS Video -  You don't need the book for this one!
                             VIDEO - The Time Signature Explained

    Example 3    -    How to Count Notes in 4/4 Time

    Example 4    -    Whole Notes, Half Notes, Quarter Notes & Rests
                             VIDEO                        Addtional Exercises

    Example 5    -    Quarter and Eighth Notes, and Rests
                             VIDEO                        Addtional Exercises

    Example 6    -    Sixteenth Notes
                             VIDEO                        Addtional Exercises
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