Video Examples
Open your book to the example, and follow along:
You will need the written music from your book to follow each video.

  1. Do the book in order.
  2. Thoroughly read the example.
  3. Set up a practice pad.
  4. Watch the video, either play along, or do the exercise yourself, and
  5. Count the notes out loud.

    START HERE    INTRODUCTORY VIDEO - watch this first!                          

    BONUS Video -  You don't need the book for this one!
                             VIDEO - The Time Signature Explained

    Example 3    -    How to Count Notes in 4/4 Time

    Example 4    -    Whole Notes, Half Notes, Quarter Notes & Rests
                             VIDEO                        Addtional Exercises

    Example 5    -    Quarter and Eighth Notes, and Rests
                             VIDEO                        Addtional Exercises

    Example 6    -    Sixteenth Notes
                             VIDEO                        Addtional Exercises