Book Recommendations
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For more instruction

For additional instruction in greater depth than
our book, consider Matt Patella's
"Reading Text in 4/4".  

Matt has been teaching drums for over 50
years, and his video series will take you through
76 pages, note by note.  It starts out easy, and
moves into some really fun, challenging stuff!

Available on Amazon, $19.95
For more practice

If you feel like you really do understand the
placement and timing of notes laid out in our
book, then an excellent book with more
exercises, starting from very fundamental and
working through very complex, is Matt Patella's
"Study & Practice Guide, Percussion in 4/4"

Available on Amazon, $11.95
Want something completely new?

Got 4/4 under control?
Try Matt Patella's "Reading Text in 6/8"
This book is also supported by videos
where Matt teaches you 6/8.

Available on Amazon, $19.95
Have you finished our book, and are now looking for more to practice, more to learn?

The first thing to do is download the free PDFs from our video page so you have
more to practice.

If you're still looking for more, we recommend the following:
And look for our upcoming book of ostinatos (repeating patterns) for the
songs, and learning them will help you develop "4-limb independence".