"I never read a note of music before. If you're like me, this book is for you.
Quick easy to learn, and the videos on their website are helpful too. If you
want to learn to read drum music, I highly recommend it."
— Review from Amazon customer, June 2012

"I loved this book! They make it extremely easy to learn to read drum music
- the book is great and so is the website and the videos."
—Drummerman, Amazon review, May 2013

"Your book has given me the confidence to take lessons one to one with a
— Ged (Experienced Drummer who never learned to read), UK, November 2012

"Very informative. I'm learning a lot from it. I got it to help me with my
grandson's drum lessons. I didn't know how to read music and this helps
me to help him.
—Esther Hicks, Amazon Review, January 2014

" I went in knowing how to read music a little bit, and having never played
any percussion instruments.  Not only did I find the writing style clear and
engaging, but it also really sucked me into the romance of playing drums.
I think you did a fantastic job getting across the fundamentals of how to
read drum music, but I found it really helped me brush up on my music
reading skills in general.  I think your book is genius."
— VE, Glasgow, Scotland, April 2012

Love your book and drummerss.com. Thanks!
— CG, Canada, June 2012

"I like ur time signature video...I decided at age 52 that I wanted to learn to
play the drums...I had no musical background what so ever and the first
thing that seemed like greek to me was exactly this...the time signature...
I never understood it for the longest time...!!! and honestly I was still a little
foggy on it for years...this makes it plain and simple...especially for drum
dummies like me...!"
— JOC, New Jersey, June 2012

"I enjoyed reading the book.  The layout is very easy to understand and
the pace of the lessons allow you to progress at your own speed."
— PY, New York City area, May 2012

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